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I have been framing since 1991, along with my bespoke work I have gained customers via Ebay and my other websites Cani-Frames & Map Works. I have been framing for some customers for years, who regularly place repeat orders.

I appreciate that buying from an online seller may cause concern, my aim is to allay these concerns with testimonials from previous customers. I take great pride in the quality of the products I produce and my customer service, this is hopefully reflected in these testimonials and my 100% Ebay Feedback.

I have taken the step to move away from Ebay, as a marketplace I feel it is no longer the right showcase for my products.


This page is under construction please view my Ebay Feedback until completion

Lindsey at Splatt Art has been making the frames for my photographs for over 20 years.

They are always of the highest quality and delivered to my often very tight deadlines.

Matthew Webb, Horse Racing Photographer By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen

Sue Murphy Portrait Artist

Covent Garden Opera House Frames