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Graduation Frame For A4 Certificate & Two 10″ x 8″ Photos



Frame Option

Graduation Frame For A4 Certificate & Two 10″ x 8″ Photos + Text Box



Frame Option

Graduation Frame for A4 Certificate & 10″ x 8″ Photo



Frame Option

Graduation Frame For A4 Certificate & 10″ x 8″ Photo + Text Box



Frame Option

Graduation Frame For A4 Certificate & 10″ x 8″ Photo + Text Box



Frame Option

Standard Frame Options

Black – 28mm wide

Dark Grey – 28mm wide

Light Grey – 28mm wide

White – 28mm wide

We have a wider range of frame options available, please view by clicking below

Frame Specifications

This image gives details of the various frame measurements which make up the frames. More information is below.

I use ArtBak Conservation backing board in all the frames I make. Art-Bak fluted backing boards have a slight bow for flatter artwork and to help hold your prints against the mount.

Spring Clips keep pressure on back board which holds your pictures/prints against the mountboard.

The hangers pack includes screws, D-Rings, cord and bumpers. Frames are pre-drilled.

Aperture Size

The aperture size is the opening width & height. The apertures in the mounts are smaller by 5mm all round to allow the mount to hold the prints in place.


The border width – which is the ‘visible’ mountboard surrounding the apertures, is approx.40mm depending on the rebate width of frame option chosen.

Gutter Width

Gutter Width The space between the apertures is approx. 23mm – 28mm depending on print size.

Moulding Width

The frame or moulding width is the distance in mm’s from the outside of the frame to the inner edge or glass. The frames I use are approx. 28mm wide x 20mm deep.


Holes for screws are pre-drilled. The D-rings supplied will be single or double hole depending on the size of the frame.


These are placed on the bottom corners of the frame, to allow air circulation, prevent movement and marks to the wall.

Hand made to order in our workshop using high quality materials, Glazed with 2mm picture glass. The frames come with a conservation quality mount and conservation ArtBak backing board which incorporates an acid-free barrier paper to protect your prints. The frames can hang either landscape or portrait fashion, using the hangers provided. As this is a natural product, the colour and grain may vary from that shown in the photographs.

Multi Aperture images shown are graphics, the line around the aperture in the actual frame is white. The images are not relevant in size, they are adjusted to be able to display them on the pages. The visible border is approx. 40mm, whilst the gutters – the strip separating the images, ranges from approx. 25mm to 30mm depending on the frame size.

Frames are ready for collection in 7 working days from payment

Standard Moulding Options


Dark Grey

Light Grey


We can supply the frames in a range of mouldings, for other options click here

Hangers & Finishing

Spring clips hold the backing board in place

Hangers pack for pre-drilled holes

ArtBak Conservation Grade backing board

For more detailed information on the mount and material specifications click here